Practical Uses for Binder Clips

Practical Uses for Binder Clips


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Binder clips are those thick and springy items that are used to hold thick piles of paper together.  However, they can also be used to make life easier in a number of different ways.  Let’s look at a few examples to see why they are a valuable resource to keep on hand.
Cord Organizer
Eliminate the mess of cords that run from your work or entertainment station simply by attaching a series of clips to the edge of the desk.  Remove the metal handles, place the end of the cable into the middle and then reattach.  Just make sure that you place each respective wire close to where it will be plugged into for maximum effect.  You can also bend and bundle cords together and use a binder clip to hold them in place.  This is perfect for travel as well as for keeping cords organized behind entertainment and computer systems.


Toothpaste Squeezer
Binder clips are a great way to get every last drop out of a tube of toothpaste.  Take your toothpaste tube and place it on a counter, table or cutting board.  Take a rolling pin and gently but firmly press the toothpaste up from the bottom of the tube.  Repeat a couple of times and you’ll be amazed at how flat the bottom portion of the tube becomes.  Simply roll up the tube from the bottom as tightly as possible until it reaches the area where the toothpaste has been condensed.  Attach the clip to hold it in place.

Razor Protector
Many of us lose the plastic sheath that covers our razors.  They also become dirty over time as well.  You can use a binder clip to not only serve as a makeshift cover, but it can also help to keep the razor from coming into contact with dirty surfaces.  Simply slide the head of the razor horizontally through the binder clip until it’s centered, pull the clasps down so they are extended and the razor is secure.


Keyboard Legs
You can use the metal handles from binder clips to replace missing or broken keyboard legs in two easy steps.  First, remove the clips from the binder then squeeze the sides together as you align them into the holes that used to hold the missing legs on the keyboard.  Bend them backwards and the keyboard will once again be raised on an even angle above the table.  This simple trick can eliminate wobbling and make typing a lot easier on the hands and wrists.

Makeshift Phone Stand
You can make simple stand for your phone or tablet by modifying two binder clips.  You will need a smaller and a larger clip for this trick.  Extend the arms of the smaller clip and bend them upward so they are at a 90 degree vertical angle to the clip.  Open the larger clip, place it over the tops of the handles of the smaller one and release after the two clips are joined.  Place the larger clip on its side and the two clips will form a cradle that can support phones and tablets.  Make two for heavier or larger items.


Stacking Bottles in the Fridge
Take two or three clips and clasp them along one of the grates in your refrigerator from the bottom up so the main part of the clips are resting atop the grate.  Now you can easily stack drink bottles or cans horizontally without them rolling all over the place.  This trick also works for almost any storage system that you have as long as there are grates being used for shelves.

You can also make key rings and labels simply by attaching the keys to the handles and placing identifying labels on the clips.  You can also use them to keep opened packages of chips fresh, organizing money or for hanging tools.  The list of possibilities are endless, and it won’t take long before you start thinking of your own ideas as well.  Grab a set today and start making the most of this simple, affordable and ingenious product.

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