4 Uses for Lip Balm in Survival Situations

4 Uses for Lip Balm in Survival Situations


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Lip balm is as almost as useful as duct tape in terms of its versatility and practicality.  You will be amazed at how a little tube can end up making life easier when you don’t have access to other material.  Take a look at the list below and discover 4 ways that you can apply lip balm to common survival issues that you may encounter.



You can use it to start fires by smearing it on any surface and then igniting it.  It will burn slowly, and it provides an excellent way to ignite tinder without wasting matches or fuel.  You can also use it as a candle by inserting a match into the top and pushing it down about a half an inch. Coat the match with some of the balm and light. It will burn slowly and consistently for quite some time.  You can also remove the balm from the container, melt it down, insert a wick and then use it as a candle as well.



You can smear the material on shoes, bags, seams and even gloves to add a protective barrier against moisture. While this isn’t as effective as store bought sprays or duct tape, it will provide a certain degree of protection that can help to keep your feet and contents of small bags dry.  You can also use it to coat zippers to prevent heat from escaping as well. 

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Wound Care

Medicated lip balm can be used as a salve for minor cuts, scrapes or burns.  It can also act as a barrier against exposure which can promote faster healing while minimizing the chances of getting an infection.  It also can be used on blisters to prevent them from getting worse by reducing friction as you walk.


Skin Care

Lip balm can be used in hot and sunny climates to protect the skin from exposure to intense sunlight.  Simply apply it to the face and rub it in.  While it won’t act as a sunscreen, it will keep the skin moist and prevent it from cracking.  It also works wonders in cold and windy conditions by protecting the skin from drying out and burning.  It will also help to insulate the skin from the cold and stave off the effects of frostbite. You can also mix it with some charcoal or dirt and use it as a glare reducer.  Simply apply it below the eyes just like you see baseball players do, and you will notice an immediate difference. 

These are just a few examples of the many practical uses of lip balm.  You can also use the empty container for storing small items such as matches, batteries or medicines.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  Try these examples out for yourself and see how effective this little product really is.  Always keep a few tubes handy in your bug out bag, home, car, shelter or backpack before you head out into the woods.  You can never have too much of this stuff, and it will make life during difficult circumstances a little bit easier.

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