Turn a Baseball Bat into A Better Weapon

Turn a Baseball Bat into A Better Weapon


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A baseball bat can be used as a weapon without any modification. However, you can make a few small

adjustments and turn it into a highly-effective and potentially lethal tool to have at your disposal. All

you need is some basic material along with a dose of ingenuity, and you can tremendously enhance

your options if you are in a close combat situation with an attacker. Below are a few options to

consider, and feel free to use them to help get your own creative juices flowing.


Stakes or Nails

If you have a hammer and a stake, all you need to do is pound it in through one end of the bat and let

the pointy end stick out of the other side. This in and of itself is a very effective deterrent that would

make most people think twice about advancing as you begin to swing. However, it only provides one

point of contact, and this may not be all that effective if the attacker moves out of range. This is where

multiple nails come in.


You can create an omni-directional weapon by nailing in a series of long nails through the end of the

bat. You will probably need nails that are at least 4 inches long to provide optimal protection. Simply

start driving nails from one side to the other, leaving spaces big enough to nail other ones from the

other side. Keep turning the bat and hammering away until the entire surface is covered with spiky

protrusions that will provide a much more effective deterrent effect.



You can also take the blades from knives and insert them into the wood of the bat as well. However,

they may not be as easy to hammer through the bat as nails or stakes. One option is to saw or bore out

a hole that the blades can slide through. Then, you can hammer the ends in until they are flush with the

bat. Secure them on both sides by wrapping duct tape between the blades around the bat.




Ball and Chain

Finally, you can also use the handle of your bat and create a ball and chain with nails and duct tape.

Simply make a baseball sized wad of duct tape, push the nails through so they stick out from the other

side and tape them in place. Take a couple of long pieces of duct tape, fold them in half lengthwise and

then tape them together to serve as the chain. Attach to the ball as well as the handle of the bat. Make

sure that both pieces are securely tightened to prevent them from detaching as you swing. Wielding

this type of weapon will produce fantastic results as long as you have some practice and get

comfortable with using it.


These are just a few examples of how you can modify a bat and enhance its effectiveness in a combat

situation. Blows from bats can be deflected by various body movements, but having pointy bits to

contend with will make deflecting a painful experience that a potential attacker would have to contend

with. These tricks are definitely worth exploring, and you will be glad that you've incorporated these

enhancements into your defensive strategies.

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