Consider Using a Dash Cam to Your Advantage

Consider Using a Dash Cam to Your Advantage


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It’s very easy, and affordable, to install a dash cam on any vehicle as a way to record incidents that may

otherwise be difficult to explain or justify. This simple step can help to provide evidence, establish a

record of how an incident unfolded and eliminate any confusion or opportunities for false accusations

or misrepresentations of the truth.


We all know that the criminal justice system is screwed up from top to bottom. Bad cops, greedy and

ambitious lawyers and defendants who manipulate the system to their advantage often lead to the

penalization of the innocent. In the absence of hard evidence, the outcome of cases often rests on the

ability of an unscrupulous party to effectively present a convincing argument. This is particularly true

with police and prosecutors who have already established a reputation with certain judges. This places

truly innocent individuals at a disadvantage because many traffic-related cases represent a “his word

against mine” outcome.


Dash Cams provide irrefutable evidence of how an incident transpired, and footage can prove

invaluable in cases that would otherwise swing in the other direction. However, there are a couple of

things to consider as you set up your video monitoring system in order to make the most out of this




You need a camera that records quality video and audio if possible. Footage needs to be clear and easy

to watch. Details need to be picked up in order to eliminate any possibility of reasonable doubt due to

the need to interpret and extrapolate what unfolded as the video is being viewed. The video also needs

to record the event in question from beginning to end whenever possible. If the matter at hand is a

crash, then it needs to show the crash occurring in order to establish what happened and who is at fault.

If the video is recording a traffic stop, then audio will probably be more useful as it will capture any

conversations between the police and occupants in the vehicle.


Recording Length

You also want a camera that can record for a long time. The last thing you want is to run out of

batteries or memory just before, during or after an incident occurs. While it is true that you can delete

and re-record video if nothing happens, it is easier to do it at the end of the trip instead of stopping,

deleting and starting a new recording while driving.



Proper Mounting

You want to make sure that you are mounting the camera or phone properly in the vehicle. Choose

quality accessories that will adhere properly to the windshield or dashboard. Make sure that the mount

is designed to withstand the impact of a crash and minimize any potential injury that can occur if the

accessory, phone or camera becomes knocked loose during the force of impact. Make sure to choose a

mount that is also capable of supporting the device you are using without causing it to fall, vibrate or

come loose.


Keep in mind that you can also use a hidden camera if you are afraid of someone taking or disabling

your device as a way to protect themselves. You can also find ways to stream, transfer or upload the

video so that it’s safely stored before such an incident occurs.



Be Attentive

A dash cam recording only works if it captures an incident that is worth saving. Make sure that you hit

the record button as you get on the road, periodically check that it is still recording and check that the

camera is fully-charged. There are a million and one situations in which people forget to turn on their

camera or press record just before something notable happens. Don't be one of them. Get into the

habit of prepping the camera, deleting old videos as necessary and keeping the batteries charged.

You also want to consider recording the video with a time and date stamp. This will increase the

legitimacy of the footage if it is ever needed for an official purpose.



Dash cams have become incredibly popular around the world, especially in countries that are notorious

for corruption. They have exonerated the innocent and helped to establish guilt. Videos have been

used against insurance companies who try to squirm their way out of paying claims, exposed bad cops

and trapped people in their lies about the way events transpired.


This simple technology can turn out to be a valuable tool that can help you to stay safe, protect your

name and avoid a host of legal problems if you ever become victimized by an unfortunate incident on

the road. It can also be an important tool to help others if they are facing a similar dilemma as well.

Take advantage of these and other benefits, and devise a simple recording system that can pay big

dividends if you ever end up crossing paths with an unfortunate situation while on the road.

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